Sunday, April 25, 2010

I LOVE these two....

loving, sweet, silly and sometimes crazy kids of mine! They are my world. I love trying to capture as many cute and fun moments of them as I possibly can. They are so CUTE together and watching them just makes my HEART melt.

Here are some random, cute pictures of them that I have captured recently...
Dax is attacking Rylee. They play so cute together.
Rylee had been pushing Dax around in this bin...
Mommy & Dax
Dax loves climbing inside boxes and playing in them...
What a nice big sister....sharing her ice cream with her little brother!
Reading his Blue's Clues book!
My kids are so funny! Everytime the heater comes on Rylee loves to lay by it, and now I find Dax sitting by the heater all the time, even when Rylee isn't around. He loves sitting by them and warming up.
Dax absolutely LOVES bathtime. His new thing is laying on his belly and playing with his toys and kicking his feet like he is swimming. Its so cute. And he loves playing with trucks and motorcycles. He already drives them around and makes "vroom" noises.

FINALLY! Its warm enough to wear the new Easter outfits and she looks so CUTE!

As soon as the weather finally warmed up, we took advantage of it and used every opportunity we could to play outside in the sun and at the park. Rylee drew lots of colorful pictures on our sidewalk with chalk and had lots of picnics. Here are some pictures of the kids playing at the park.

Rylee got an "owie" while playing.
But it didn't take long before she was playing again!
The kids love going on walks and going to the park...they just absolutely love being outside. And I don't blame them one bit.

It is so funny lately watching Dax and his cute personality. As they grow and learn things, their little personalities just keep blooming and its so fun to watch. Rylee and Dax have such different personalities at this age. Rylee was not near as loud and rambunctious as Dax. Both kids were into everything at this age, but Dax puts everything in his mouth still and Rylee never did. Dax loves hitting and banging things too. Rylee had a very girlie personality and Dax is 100% BOY! Dirt, Noise, and All. We love everything about these two precious kids of ours. We couldn't ask for anything greater than them.

And last, I have to show this picture of Rylee at the dentist. It was about a month ago and she was SO big and brave. She layed up there and did so good while they went in and fixed two tiny cavities she had. Luckily they were close enough to the surface that they didn't even have to numb her. She layed there so good while they drilled and fixed. What a big girl. She got to wear these funny movie goggles. She could hear the movie through the headset and see it through the goggles that stuck out in front of her. Pretty neat stuff.
Good Job are such a big girl and I am so proud of you!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soccer...Gym Meet...Dance Recital...

...all in one day!
On Saturday, April 17th, 2010, we had a very busy yet fun-filled day. We started the morning with Rylee's soccer game at 10am. Team Wheelers played such an awesome game today. They all tried really hard and had a great game. Rylee made a goal and while being goalie she stopped several balls from becoming a goal. Team Wheelers won their game and had so much fun doing it. It was kind of funny because Shanda was signed up to bring drinks and Kellon's mom Amber was signed up to bring treats. Well Shanda knew she wouldn't be there because of the gym meet, so she asked me to bring drinks for her. So I did. Well at the end of the game I walked over to Amber to ask if she had her treats so we could hand them out together and she had completely forgot to bring treats. Of course kids have no idea how it works, so when they came up to get their drink and their treats, all I handed them was a drink. Well they assumed since I was handing out drinks that I was also responsible for treats and they kept saying, "this is it?" Now the kids all think I am the lame mom that only brings drinks and no treats on my treat day! I had to tease Amber a little about it. It was pretty funny!

As soon as the game ended we ran home, I changed Rylee's clothes and then Rylee and I ran out the door to watch the gym meet while Brett stayed home with Dax so he could have his nap. We made it to the gym meet just in time. Four of my nieces were in tumbling this year and were each doing two passes. Trinity is 11 and is on level 5. In her group she took 1st place. Teyara is 11 and is on level 4. In her group she also took 1st place. I was so proud of these two. They both did so awesome! Then my niece Jayde just turned 7 and she is on level 3. In her group she took 2nd place. And then Jayslin just turned 6 and she is also on level 3, but a younger age group and she took 3rd place in her group. I am so proud of them also. It was Jayde & Jayslin's first year to be in tumbling. All four of them did so great out there. Good Job girls, I love you!

After the gym meet, I stopped to grab Brett and the kids some lunch and then went home. We knew we had a few hours to play before Rylee had to get ready for her dance recital so we all went on a family 4 wheeler ride. Papa Rick and Lily came along with us. Dax rode with Mommy, Rylee rode with Daddy, and Lily rode with Papa. We had a really good time and even stopped to catch a lizard for Rylee to hold...okay, Brett caught a lizard for Rylee to hold, not "we"!

After that we came home, got Rylee all ready for her dance recital and then headed to Salina so we could get there in time to watch all the soloists perform also. All of them did such a great job and it was so fun to watch. We had Trinity, Teyara, and Rylee all dancing tonight so it was fun to be able to watch all of them. They had lots of people there to watch them....Grandma Dean, Tom, Mercedes, Grandma Judi, Papa Rick, Grandma Shauna, Aunt Shanda, Rylan, Jayde, Jayslin, Trayton, Mayson, Aunt Brinne, Kailey and of course Aunt Andrea was there and Mommy & Daddy! We love watching her, she looks so cute up there and does so good. Trinity & Teyara did fantastic in both their dance and production. They have so much fun with their "Wild Child" routine and then Production is so fun to watch, even though they were zombies and a little scary looking. The production number was to the different Michael Jackson songs. For Rylee's dance routine it was to "Strawberry Shortcake Twist". Rylee's little dance class got up there and looked so cute and did such a great job. They were completely adorable! Rylee & Ady are the youngest in the group. The rest the girls are going into Kindergarten this year, except Rylee and Ady. It will be fun to have Rylee keep dancing with all her friends.

My camera wasn't taking that great of pictures inside the auditorium, but I did get a few of Rylee before the performance.

Rylee cannot wait for next year! She wants to do dance, tumbling, soccer, and baseball.
That's my girl and I am so proud of her!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A sucker always makes it all better.....

Today Dax had his 1 year check-up. He is actually 13 months now, but since he got sick shortly after he turned one, we waited until now to see the doctor and get immunizations. The doctor said he is doing GREAT! He said 1-2 words is average and Dax says at least 8-10 words. He is running all over the place and feeds himself with no problem. He is one smart little boy! He weighs 22 lbs. 2 oz. and is 31.25 inches tall. He is in the 40th percentile for his weight (so a little low), and in the 90th percentile for his height (so very tall). His stats for weight to height is in the 22nd percentile. I definitely have some tall kids! He had to get 4 shots today and I felt so bad. He just cried for a second and then he was okay. Once they handed him a sucker he was all better and happy!!!

Here is a picture of him right after we left the doctors....happy as could be with his sucker in hand! (not the best picture since it was with my phone)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pageant Time...

On March 6th Rylee was in the California Tropic Pageant. It was held in Provo, UT. The theme for this pageant was Springwear, so we found Rylee a cute spring dress to wear. She looked so cute! For her age group 3-6 year olds, they would not allow the parents to walk on with them. With the boys division they weren't as strict, but with the girls they wouldn't let parents go on. They told them no waving, no blowing kisses, just go to the X and smile at the judges. They were allowed to do a circle walk to show their dress, but that was it. I am definitely not into the glitzy pageants, but Rylee enjoys pageants, so we have let her do a few of the natural beauty type pageants. I just like her to have fun!
She did such a good job and looked so adorable! She won a trophy for "Personality Plus" and another for "Runner Up to Queen". Plus she got a cute plush ducky, which she loved. She was invited to the Tri-State Nationals, but its in Cali, so we won't be going to that.
Her Aunt Lenny, Cousins Savanah & Cruz and his girlfriend Taylor all came to watch. Which was very nice of them. Afterwards we all headed to SLC to stay for the weekend. Lenny & I took the girls to make a build-a-bear, which they loved. Afterwards we went to watch Cruz at his basketball game.

They didn't allow cameras at this pageant so I didn't take any pictures. They sent me some that they took. Here are pictures of her at the pageant and the trophies and duck she won, and the Build-a-Bear we took her to get afterward for doing such a great job!

Some of the girls....there were 15 total.

Receiving her trophy for Personality Plus and also Runner Up to Queen.

On April 10th, Rylee was in the Cinderella Pageant. She really wanted to do this pageant. I had told her about both pageants back in February and she was set on doing both. We borrowed her dress from my friend Krissy. It turned out really cute! With this pageant they had back stage interviews first, then casual wear where they had to do their walk and then say their name, age and where they are from on stage, then party dress where they did the full pageant walk on stage, then they had their on stage interview and then crowning. So there was a lot more that goes into this pageant. Rylee did such a great job and as always looked like a doll up there on stage. She was so cute and posed so pretty up there. She smiled so cute and seriously has the best posture when she walks, it amazes me. During the on stage interview she was adorable. She got up there and said her name, age and where she is from, then they asked her about her pet and she said she has a pet hampster named Bella and she is tan and white. Then they asked what she wants to be when she grows up and she said a Doctor because they help people. After that they asked what her favorite food is and she said noodles, which was funny to me because she had me put Cheeseburgers on her paper. When they asked who makes them she said her mom and that I just cook them in the microwave. That made me laugh! Oh I love that girl....

Here she is in her backstage interview outfit.

Here she is in her casual wear outfit (which I thought she looked so cute!) It was my favorite.

Speaking on stage!

Posing so Pretty!

In her Party Dress.

On-Stage Interview.

All the girls lined up for crowning.

So proud of her trophy!

The number of girls in her group was HUGE! It was ages 3-6 and there were about 30 girls. This is the biggest group they have had. I sure would not like to be the judges that have to decide between that many cute girls. Rylee took "Cinderella Tot Personality" and was awarded a "big" trophy which she was so proud of. As soon as we got home she put her trophy up and said, "now I just need one more." Ahhh this girl loves pageants. It is great for giving them confidence and not being shy. I want Rylee to always be outgoing and hope this kind of stuff helps!

Good Job Rylee & Congratulations....We Love You & are so Proud of You!!!