Sunday, January 30, 2011

~22 months....continued~

Since I posted Dax's 22 month update, I have thought of quite a few things I forgot to mention. Rather than going in and updating my previous post, I figured I would just create a new one.

I had a few pictures that I snapped over the last month that I thought was really cute. It seems like lately Rylee and Dax play so good, but they also seem to fight a lot more too. I never thought an almost 2 year old and a 5 year old could fight so much. But when they are getting along, its great! They have so much fun together and will sit in their rooms and play together or chase each other around the house. They love each other so much and are so cute together. Rylee is such a sweet big sister when she wants to be.

Whenever she sits at the computer to play her game, Dax has to come over and sit on her lap so he doesn't miss anything. And even though you can tell its tough for Rylee to play with him on her lap, she doesn't seem to mind one bit.

They love to play like they are camping out in Dax's play tent, or use it to hide in or play cats and dogs in. I snuck in and got a few pictures of them the other night while they were in playing like they were sleeping in the tent.

Over the last month Dax has become extremely independent. He will not let you feed him at all anymore. If you ty to feed him he just gets really mad and upset and will not eat. Then if you sit him at the table and let him feed himself, he is as happy as can be. One day Rylee had a can of pringles out and he wanted some, so she gave him a chip and he got so mad and started crying and screaming. I thought he wanted her chip instead, so to stop the loud screaming I asked her to just give her chip to him and get herself a new one. So, she did, and he screamed more. Finally, I thought maybe he wants the can. So I handed the can toward him and all he wanted was to reach in and get his own chip. Grandma Judi learned this the hard way when she kept trying to feed him spaghettio's the other day and I kept telling her that he probably won't eat it that way because he is so independent. She tried and he got mad, she tried again and he yelled, and the third time he just started crying and came in to tell me. It was pretty funny. Then I tried putting a dish towel around his neck like a bib and he was not happy about that either. I have learned that he wants to do it all on his own and does not want to be treated like a baby at all.

As much of a big boy as he tries to be, I am happy to say that he still loves to give hugs, kisses, and to cuddle. That makes me very happy. He is such a little lover boy.

He loves laying in our bed or Rylee's bed to watch movies and tries to get us to let him sleep in them at night for bed, but I am not ready to take him out of his crib just yet. He just seems too young and I cannot imagine that naptime would be so easy if he was in a bed that he could easily climb out of. So for now, we will stick with the crib. (Maybe in another 6 months or so.)

He has a big box of all kinds of trucks, cars, four wheelers, bikes, and diesels to play with and he loves them. All day long I am picking up cars. He drives them all over the house and wants us to all join in. He makes the perfect "vroom" noises for each vehicle too. I love it. He is such a cutie!

Some of my favorite things to hear him say is "I Love You", "uh-oh spaghettio's" and the cutest ever is when he says "Schaugaard". It is so funny because we were all just talking and I said something to Rylee about spelling our last name and when I said Schaugaard, Dax started saying "Stou-dard" "Stou-dard", over and over. It was the cutest thing ever and to this day I think he loves to say it because any time he hears us say it, he has to repeat it a few times.

Another milestone I must mention is that he finally dares to take a shower. He has always been so terrified of showers. When Rylee was a baby we would take her in the shower sometimes and she loved it. We tried with Dax and he was terrified. Every once in a while we would try again and he would scream in terror, so we had to get him out. He just barely got to where he is not scared of them and loves them.

He LOVES to dance and boy can this kid dance. He has got some rhythm too. He gets all low and gets all into it. He pulls this serious, rockstar facial expression. I cannot really explain it, but he looks like a rockstar, it is hilarious. And while pulling this face he is getting down and dancing. It makes me and Brett laugh every time. Rylee loves to dance too. So of course any time we have music going at the house, we have two cute kids dancing around to the beat.

Dax is still very shy when we go places where there is a lot of people, even if its people he knows. He is not a fan of huge groups of people I guess. It takes a good 45 minutes just to warm up enough so that me or Brett can even put him down. My nephew Jayden was amazed at how shy he is at big gatherings versus how he is at home when Jayden has come over. It is like night and day. It is definitely the big crowd thing that he doesn't like though because even when I go to watch Rylee dance and there is just a few "strangers" there, he will get down and try to play ball or trucks with the other people there with no problem.

He has this big Tonka truck that he got for Christmas and one day I went to check on him and he was sitting in it just playing with his toys. Brett decided to push him around in it and now he loves to go for rides in the Tonka. He had Brett, Dylan and me all pushing him around that day.

I could go on and on. He has such a cute personality and is such a sweet little boy. Although I do have to mention that he is still a daddy's boy. He loves me and wants me, but if daddy is around he usually chooses daddy over mommy. Some days I am lucky enough to be the favorite and I love those days. Maybe its because he is home all day with me and by the time Brett comes home from work he is needing some daddy time. It is pretty funny though because for some reason he seems to think that only Brett can touch the remote. If we are all watching t.v. and I pick up the remote at all, he will come and take it from me and take it right over to Brett. Same with Brett's phone. He knows which phone is Brett's and if I touch it, he will take it from me and take it to Brett also.

He is one silly little boy and we love him to pieces!

29 and Holding!!!

I have officially turned 29 years old. That means only one year left until the big 3-0! I don't know why but thirty just sounds so old to me. I don't feel that old. And I guess that is what really matters, right? I have always said that I am only as old as I feel and act, so I would have to say that I am forever in my upper 20's. I guess as long as I feel great, then being so close to thirty really shouldn't bother me. So, here is to my last year in my twenties!!!

I had a really great birthday. For lunch, my sisters (Andrea, Shanda, & Brinne) and my mom took me and my kids to lunch at El Mexicano. They are so sweet; I love them all. I just love getting to go spend time with all of them, whether its for my birthday or one of theirs. Later that night Brett's parents took the kids and Brett and I went to have a nice enjoyable dinner at Steve's Steakhouse where I also had the best piece of cheesecake ever. Afterward we went and saw the movie "Little Fockers". It was funny, but none of them will beat the first one, "Meet the Parents." That was and still is my favorite one. Then we picked up the kids and went home and relaxed together. I had a really fun time with him.

I got some really great gifts on my birthday. I got 3 pairs of pajamas and some yoga pants from Victoria's Secret, a really cute black long sleeve shirt, a super cute hand-made magnet board, some sweet birthday cards, money, and from my sweet, loving, and wonderful husband, I got a new Nikon D3000 SLR camera, which I was extremely excited about. I have been wanting a digital SLR camera for a very long time now.

My day turned out great thanks to everyone! I don't have any pictures from my birthday, but here is a picture of my new magnet board.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~22 months~

I cannot believe that my baby is almost 2 years old. Where did the time go? We just love him so much and have enjoyed the entire 22 months with him. He is the funniest little boy ever! Rylee adores him and he adores her. He loves to play with her, it is so cute. He says more and more words. He has always been really good to repeat just about any word I say, but he is repeating more and learning how to ask for things by name rather than just taking me to them. He easily can say 50-100 words. He loves to help me pick up so I will hand him something and tell him to take it to his toybox, or Rylee's toybox, or the dirty clothes hamper and he takes everything and puts them where I say. He LOVES pickles still and pretty much any kind of fruit. I cannot cut up an apple without him eating half of it. His favorite foods definitely have to be anything Italian. He likes things with spaghetti or marinara type sauces; such as, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Pizza, Parmesan Chicken, and spaghetti-o's. I always know that any time I make Spaghetti or my Italian Bake, he will eat really good those nights. He loves milk and wants his cup refilled all day long. It is amazing he even has room for food as much as he enjoys his milk. Some of his favorite cartoons are Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Some characters he also likes is Spiderman, Spongebob, and Buzz and Woody. At 22 months he weighs 28.5 lbs. and is 35 inches tall.
Before we know it, we will be celebrating his 2nd birthday!!!

I took some 22 month pictures of Dax with my new camera. It was a great way for me to try out my new camera and also get some practice with photoshop.

Monday, January 17, 2011

~It's a New Year~

It's 2011 now and I am looking forward to whatever it may have in store, as long as it is spent with my wonderful family then I am HAPPY! I look forward to all the fun activities we get to do each year together from birthday parties, visits to the lake, the dunes, camping, traveling, playing at the park, and even just sitting inside eating popcorn and watching movies. I love my LIFE and am thankful for each person in it.

Almost every year my new year resolution is to lose weight and get into shape for the coming summer. This year is not a whole lot different, but instead of just wanting to lose these winter pounds I packed on, I also want to start eating right, exercising, and drinking more water. That is a big one since I am horrible at drinking water. I know our bodies need it, and it makes our skin look better and younger and less dry, but I still struggle at doing it. Well I am determined, starting TODAY, to drink more water, eat healthier and stay active. 

Another goal of mine this year is to be a better mommy and wife. Really just a better person in general. Now I know if my husband read this he would probably say something like, "Babe you already do the best job you can as a mommy and a wife," but I want to do more. I want to make sure that I enjoy the little things with my kids more often, have even more patience with them, get to laugh at all the silly things they say and do even if I am stressed about something else, I want to stop and take the time to play around and be silly and not just with my kids but with Brett too. I want to take the time to enjoy the little moments with Brett, even if its just getting to watch an hour of tv together before he goes to bed or cuddling in bed on the weekends and watching a movie. I just want to stop and enjoy each moment and each person I get to spend it with.

I am looking forward to a great 2011.....