Friday, August 27, 2010

The Noyes Family....

Just a few days after Londyn turned one month old, Andrea had me come and take family pictures for her. We did some of the kids alone, all the kids together, and then the whole family. It was not easy getting boys that age to be interested in it, but they did great and the pictures turned out really cute! We decided to do all of the pictures inside because of little Londyn. I must say, I have some cute nieces and nephews.

~Miss Londyn is 1 month old~

I have been patiently waiting for the day I could take cute pictures of my sweet little niece Londyn. Not only have I been waiting for her to come home from the hospital after she was born to be able to take them, but I have been waiting since the day I found out she was a little girl in her mommy's tummy.
When I had Rylee I absolutely loved taking pictures and snapped them all the time, but it was just snapping pictures. Then when I had Dax I was a lot more into photography, but as much as I loved taking pictures of him, I always thought of all the cute things I could do with a little girl. Now was my chance! I let Andrea know right away that I would be using her baby as my little model.
On August 22, 2010, Londyn turned one month old. So my sister asked if I would come and take some pictures of her. Of course I said Yes! Londyn is such a cutie. It was so funny because I think she peed on more than one of my blankets or backdrops. It was hilarious!
We got some of the cutest pictures ever. I was very pleased with how they turned out and Andrea loved them too. Which is what matters most!
I also made a birth announcement, but I won't post that until she has sent them out to everyone. Once they are sent out I will add the picture of the announcement to this post.
Here are some of my personal favorites, and when I say some, I mean a lot!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 minute Photoshoot....

I attempted to take some cute pictures of Dax a few weeks ago, but he just was not having it. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with the props. The second I put him in the suitcase, he was climbing out before I could even step back and snap a picture. Hence the reason that he is not looking at me in hardly any of the pictures. I guess you have to make due with what they will give you. I had planned to take some of Rylee from the waist down so we didn't even worry about fixing her hair at all. Then when we realized Dax would not cooperate, we had to improvise a little. I have to say that this was the fastest photo shoot for me, especially considering it involved two kids. Usually that makes for a long photo shoot, but this time the kids were not having it. Its funny how your own kids never cooperate as much for you as they do for a stranger. We were probably done after only 10 minutes max. Maybe another for now, here is what I got.

I LOVE these CUTE kids of MINE!!!