Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~Grandpa Chris & Melody visit Utah~

The weekend of September 11th, grandpa Chris and Melody came to visit and see everyone. We didn't get to do a whole lot with them since they have so many stops to make while they are here, but we were able to see them twice. The first time Rylee wasn't with, so they made sure to come back when Rylee was home.
Dax is getting to where he is afraid of strangers and since he hasn't seen my dad since he was only 3 months old, he was a bit nervous at first. All it took was a little candy to bribe him with and we at least was able to snap a picture of him on their laps.
When they came to our house, Dax was a lot more comfortable with them. Rylee sat with Melody and showed her all her baby albums that I have scrapbooked from newborn through about 3 years old. At one point, Rylee said, "grandma, come see my room." I think it threw Melody off a bit. I thought it was pretty cute!
It was so nice getting to see my Dad and Melody. The last time we got to see them was when we were on our way back from Texas in June 2009. So over a year! It was a much needed visit and I was so glad to see them. Can't wait until next time....

And while Rylee is at her first day of school, Dax gets to play with his cousin Mayson while mommy gets to chat with Aunt Shanda!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rylee's 1st day of Preschool....

My little girl is getting older. It makes me sad to think she will be in Kindergarten next year. So for now, I will enjoy the fact that she is still in preschool.
This is her second year of preschool. She absolutely loved her teacher Mrs. Nelson and learned so much last year so we put her in the same preschool this year.
Yesterday we went to the open house, where she got to color a cupcake that had her name and birthday on it and hang it up on the wall. She met a few of the kids that would be in her class and saw where she would be sitting the first day of class.
Today was her first day of preschool and she was really excited. She picked out which outfit she wanted to wear for her first day. Last night she asked Brett to set the alarm for her to make sure she didn't sleep in. She is quite the character! We made her favorite breakfast, scrambled eggs, and she couldn't wait to put on her new clothes. She looked adorable!!!
After a successful and fun first day of preschool, we came home and made root beer floats. She told me that the parents came too soon and they didn't get to do everything they wanted to do. She said she made two new friends that she really liked, named Emerson and McKaydee.
I am so glad she had a fun first day....

~The Zoo & Jungle Jim's~

This year we didn't have much planned, but we wanted to make sure we did something fun with the kids. We pondered on things to do all week long. After discussing ideas between us and then with Rylee, we decided to take the kids to Utah's Hogle Zoo and then to Jungle Jim's. We got online to purchase our tickets and to show her where we were going. She was so excited she could barely fall asleep. We got up Saturday morning, got ready, and headed to Salt Lake City. Rylee kept asking if we were getting closer.
It was a pretty hot day, but not too bad and the zoo has misters all over the place, so that was nice. The kids loved the animals. This was Dax's first visit to the zoo. Rylee really like seeing the monkeys, elephants, and girraffe's. She especially wanted to see the wolves, but we didn't get too.
We rode the carousel, which both kids loved, had a giant slushy, and even got to see the baby elephant Zuri. Dax enjoyed seeing the animals and just running around wild and free. But his favorite part was on the way out when he got to play with the huge spinning ball on water. He splashed in it and put some in his hair to cool himself off. He was loving it. There was three guys and a girl from India that were taking pictures of him doing it. I wasn't sure if I should get offended or feel complimented. Afterall, they are strangers.
It definitely turned out to be a fun day at the zoo.
After the zoo, we headed to Jungle Jim's playland. Rylee was extra excited for this stop. Both kids loved the rides. They rode the spin carts, which made all of us a little dizzy, they rode the jets, the jeep safari ride, the boats, trains and motorcycle, and they LOVED every one of them. In between rides we played games and played in the play area with slides. I think that Rylee's favorite ride was the jets because she could fly them high and she also liked the jeep safari ride. Dax's favorite ride was the little jeep safari, he loved it.
The kids had a blast and were completely exhausted. All I can say is that the ride home was very peaceful for Mommy & Daddy.