Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring is here...

and I hope its here to stay! Rylee had been asking to plant seeds for at least two weeks. She was watching TV and saw them plant seeds, water them, and flowers grew. Well on TV, they made it seem that it all happens within I explained to her that we can buy seeds and plant them, but it takes a VERY long time to actually have pretty FLOWERS. Or, we can buy pretty FLOWERS and plant them and water them. She liked that idea! Thank Goodness. I can only imagine how long it would have seemed for those flowers to bloom.
It turned out to be a fun and perfect day. We have three large planters in our backyard that have been empty since last fall. First we went to the store and I let Rylee help decide which flowers she wanted. Rylee had so much fun digging the holes for mommy to sit the flowers in and then burrying them back up. She was such a BIG helper. Her FAVORITE part was watering them at the end.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Smile...

I just love his cute smile! From the time they are born, you could stare at them for hours, and everytime they crack a little smile, it makes you glow. But when you get them to actually smile at you, its so great!
Everytime I look at this cute picture it makes me smile....

He is such a precious little baby...our sweet boy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009!!!

Easter was so much fun this year! Rylee is old enough now to enjoy everything about Easter and camping. Also, it was Dax's 1st Easter. For Easter weekend we went camping at Cainesville with Brett's parents, Rick & Judi, and our nephew Cruz and niece Savanah was also there. We headed to Salina on Thursday, visited some family and then headed for camping Friday morning. The weather turned out great the entire weekend. The only rain we got was a sprinkle Saturday evening and the rest the weekend was warm enough that Brett and Rylee both got sun burnt.
Another really nice thing is that there is a hotel right before the turn off to camp, so we got a room at the hotel for nighttime since Dax is still so young. Brett's parents have a trailor, so we could have Dax indoors at all times. It worked out perfect.
Rylee had so much fun this year. She absolutely adores Savanah and loved playing with her all weekend long. Not only that, but they both had their own 4 wheelers to ride around camp on. Rylee was SO proud of herself....and she should be. I know Brett & I couldn't be more proud of her. Its amazing to me to watch a 3 year old ride around on a 4 wheeler like she does. She is extremely coordinated.
Even I had my own 4 wheeler this year, so that was a ton of fun. I have had this bad cough, so I didn't get to ride as much as I would have liked too, but it was still lots of fun. Brett, Cruz, & Rick got to go on some good rides. Cruz loves to ride both Rick & Brett's bikes and he does so good. I swear, that kid is good at everything he does.

Brett is such a good daddy. He took Rylee on rides, showed her how to ride the 4 wheeler, flew kites with her, and really helped to keep an eye on her while I was inside with Dax. Rick & Judi also helped a ton by staying inside with Dax so I could play with Rylee and also by watching both kids so I could get in a few rides on my bike.
Rylee & Savanah played in the dirt, built sand castles, and rolled eggs down the hills. Rylee loved what she got from the Easter bunny and they all had lots of fun finding their hidden easter eggs with prizes and candy in them.
Rylee wasn't too happy when it was time to leave. The baby rides so good in the car, which we were very thankful for. He is such a good boy.
When we got back to Salina we made some stops to see more family and headed back home.
Easter weekend couldn't have been any better. We were able to spend time with the family and make sure Rylee had a fun-filled weekend. I couldn't have asked for more....I love my little family!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Little Dancer...

Recently I decided that it was time to put Rylee in some activities. She has been asking for a very long time when she can dance like her cousin Savanah. She loves to go watch Savanah cheer and then come home and try out her own moves. I decided to wait until she is at least 4 or 5 to put her in cheer, but for now I have put her in tumbling and dance.
Her first tumbling class was March 26th and she absolutely loved it. She did so well listening to her teachers and following instruction. I was so proud of her. This was the first thing she has been in that she really had to listen and take instruction, and I was amazed at how well she did.

Here is a picture of her before her first tumbling class and doing a front roll....

Then on April 1st she started her dance class. She was so cute to watch. Again she did so great at following her teachers instructions and had so much fun. She looks so cute in her little "practice" dance outfit.

Rylee loves dance so much! I cannot believe my little girl is getting so big...she is almost 3 1/2 now and I cannot believe how proud it makes me to watch her go out there and have so much fun. She is so dang cute to watch. I am really excited about her dance class because they have the cutest dance costumes and they will be performing in May and twice in June. I cannot wait to watch her perform. I am not sure she will do much once she is up in front of a huge audience, but it will still be cute to watch. Her cousin Savanah also takes hip hop at the same dance studio, so it will be fun to be able to watch both of them perform. I cannot wait and I am SO proud of my little girl.