Monday, June 27, 2011


On our way to the Manti Pool we saw Mator at the Gunnison theatre. It was so cute and because Dax absolutely loves Cars, I had to stop.

Fun in the Sun...

I took the kids to the Manti pool for the first time this summer. They had a blast! At first, Dax wasn't sure what to think about the whole thing, but after just a few minutes he was loving it. It is so nice over there because it starts out shallow and gets deeper, like a beach would be, plus it has the waterslide, the part where the water moves you around fast, and basketball hoop. So it works out for all ages. Dax crawled around in the shallow end the entire time and was loving it, but by the end of the day he had wore two raw sores on each knee from crawling on the cement bottom. Rylee had so much fun floating all over in her life jacket and even went down the waterslide. It was a fun day spent with my sister and her kids.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lets Go Fishin'

We took the kids camping with Brett's parents and grandma and grandpa Schaugaard at Forsyth and the kids were so excited because they were going to be able to fish for the first time. And not just any fishing, but they got to actually fish from the boat, which they thought was absolutely the neatest thing ever. Camping is always fun and the kids had a great time and absolutely loved fishing and just riding in the boat. I can't wait to take them again soon.
The next morning we got up and went on a really long four wheeler ride. Of course, both kids cried to ride with their dad, and once again I found myself bribing Rylee to ride with me. When it came time for Dax to take a turn with me, he cried and tried to lift his leg over and jump off to go with dad. Yes it makes me sad....I swear I am a fun driver too! Rylee thought it was pretty neat that we went on a trail named "Riley trail" and by the end of the ride Dax was sound asleep on the four wheeler. It was a fun camping trip.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Family BBQ

I love summer days....I love hanging out and having a BBQ....and even more, I love having a BBQ in the summer with all my family there. Its just so nice to hang out, laugh, joke, eat, and just enjoy each other. It doesn't happen often enough with all of our busy lives. Mark was in town visiting from Hawaii so we made sure to plan it for that weekend. It was a lot of fun! All the cousins get along so well and have such a great time together. Hearing them run around and giggle is music to my ears. I think back when I was little and I grew up so close to all my cousins. We had family get togethers all the time and looking back now, that is where most of my memories as a child come from. I hope our kids can be close growing up and create some fun memories like I did as a child.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rylee plays T-Ball

This year was the first year that Rylee played T-ball. We were hoping she could do coach pitch because she can do that so well and it is a little faster paced, but at her age they only have t-ball. She did such an awesome job and had a lot of fun, but definitely likes dance, gymnastics, and soccer more. I swear she is so good at everything she tries and once again we were so proud of her. She got out there and hit the ball so hard. It was a lot of fun watching her.