Friday, June 17, 2011

Lets Go Fishin'

We took the kids camping with Brett's parents and grandma and grandpa Schaugaard at Forsyth and the kids were so excited because they were going to be able to fish for the first time. And not just any fishing, but they got to actually fish from the boat, which they thought was absolutely the neatest thing ever. Camping is always fun and the kids had a great time and absolutely loved fishing and just riding in the boat. I can't wait to take them again soon.
The next morning we got up and went on a really long four wheeler ride. Of course, both kids cried to ride with their dad, and once again I found myself bribing Rylee to ride with me. When it came time for Dax to take a turn with me, he cried and tried to lift his leg over and jump off to go with dad. Yes it makes me sad....I swear I am a fun driver too! Rylee thought it was pretty neat that we went on a trail named "Riley trail" and by the end of the ride Dax was sound asleep on the four wheeler. It was a fun camping trip.

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