Wednesday, November 24, 2010

**Happy Birthday**

This year I wanted to make sure that I wished each and every niece and nephew in my family a Happy Birthday and post a picture on my blog of them. Well I started out doing so good, but started to get a little behind on it and at times I forget, especially if I wasn't there to celebrate and take a picture. So I am here today to catch up on all of them and also to wish each and every person in my family a Happy Birthday.

First, I want to wish my gorgeous and talented little niece Savanah a Happy 12th Birthday!!! She celebrated her birthday on August 5th. This girl has got to be the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is always so concerned about others feelings and is really sweet with Rylee. Rylee just adores her more than anything and everytime she hears that we are going to visit Savanah she gets SO excited. She thinks Savanah is one neat girl. Savanah has been cheering since she was about 6 years old and she is awesome at it. Watching her cheer is seriously like watching the show Bring It On! It is nothing like watching our local High School Cheerleaders, no offense, its just that at Mac's Cheer they do way more stunts and much bigger stunts that I have ever seen any H.S. cheerleaders do. We are so proud of her and love getting to come watch her any chance we get.

Next, I would like to tell my nephew Cruz Happy 16th Birthday! This is a special one and because he is such a sport fanatic, he was out of town for baseball on his birthday, but his mom made up for it with a big Halloween bash for him instead. Cruz is such a good kid and always has been. Ever since he was little I always thought he was so good to Savanah. Most big brothers are mean to their little sisters, but Cruz was always so nice to her and always took her feelings into consideration. I always hoped that my kids would be as sweet to each other as Cruz was to Savanah. Even if his friends were around, he was still nice to her. Cruz has been playing sports since he was about 4 years old and he is awesome at all of them. It seems like every sport he tries, he is good at. That is one talented kid! We enjoy watching him in everything from Baseball, Football, Basketball, you name it. I also learned recently that he can jam on karaoke too. We hope you had a good 16th Cruz. We miss you and love you!

Only one day after Rylee celebrated her 5th birthday, my niece Kailey celebrated her 5th birthday. Kailey is such a rambunctious little girl. As wild as she is, she can be very soft hearted and sweet at times too. She has a hard outer shell but inside she is sweet and caring. Her and Rylee are so funny together because they act like sisters. They love each other and have so much fun, but they can fight over the silliest things too. It is pretty funny sometimes to listen to them. They both like to be the leader too. I think its cause they are the same sign. It is really fun having them so close in age. I had cousins close to my age growing up and I always thought it was a lot of fun. Rylee, Kailey, and Trayton will all be in the same grade going through school, which I think will be a lot of fun for all of them. Besides, it makes school programs much easier for grandma, she can come to one event and watch all three kids. It has been fun watching Rylee and Kailey grow and learn so much together!

On November 14th my nephew Rylan turned 9 years old. I cannot believe he is already that old. It seems like it was just yesterday that he was born. It is so funny because he is at that age where he tries to act all cool and smooth. When I was getting a picture of him while he was being sang "happy birthday" to, he just stayed all serious and then blew his candles out so fast I couldn't even catch a picture of it. It has been so much fun watching him grow up. He is such a caring little boy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Family~October 2010

It was definitely time for some new family pictures. The last time we had them done was a year ago when Rylee just turned 4 years old and Dax was only 6 months old. Here are some new pictures of us together and the kids. Rylee just turned 5 years old and Dax 19 months old in these new pictures. We had them done by Photography by K'Brina and I love the way they turned out.

Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.
-Brad Henry