Monday, February 28, 2011


Rylee was able to get her hard cast! She has been counting down the days until she could get her hard cast on because she wanted to be done with her sling. We were scheduled to go over and get it on February 28th. On the morning of the 26th we received a call from Dr. Nay's nurse asking if we could come over in an hour and get Rylee's permanent cast put on. Of course, without hesitation, I said "Sure!"
When I hung up with the nurse and told Rylee she was so excited. We rushed to get ready and out the door we went. I had tried to call Brett to tell him, but wasn't able to get a hold of him. We decided we wouldn't tell him and when he got home from the gym and hair cut, he would be surprised to see her with her cast on.
We were the only patients at the doctor office since they opened up for him to come in and put her cast on before going out of town. Dax was a little monster in there, going from room to room, but once we found him a toy to play with, he stayed content for at least 5 minutes.
Rylee was extremely brave, of course. I was told by a nurse at the hospital to make sure she is sitting when the takes off her temporary cast because 90% of the time they pass out. She said it doesn't hurt but they are always scared it will hurt or what it might look like. She said her son has broken his arm three times and passed out every time they took it off. Not my Rylee-Bug! She sat there with no problems and did everything the doctor asked her too. He had asked her about pain and when she said that it wasn't hurting too bad, he said this little girl definitely has a high pain tolerance.
She chose to have a blue cast! I was sure she would choose pink, but she said that her favorite colors are blue, pink and purple and in that order. She said pink use to be her very favorite, but now blue is. I am sure I will be glad by the end of the process since pink would look diry much faster. The doctor did say that she needs to be very careful with it for one more week and still needs to wear the sling for that additional week.
Today she will go back to school for the first time since she broke her arm. She is a little nervous about what people will think or say. She has been such a big girl about everything. I am so proud of her and love this sweet little girl more than she could ever imagine.
Here are some pictures of us on our way to get her permanent cast, while she is getting it put on, afterwards and then her first day going to school with her cast. Only five weeks left!!!

Look what I can do!!!

Rylee has learned to tie her shoe. She figured it out on February 12th, 2011. We were sitting at home, Brett had just went to bed, and Rylee and I were sitting and watching some television. A song came on about learning yo tie your shoe. She decicded she wanted to try again. So she grabbed one of her shoes and learned within two tries. She went in to show her daddy and he could not believe that he had just went to bed 5 minutes before and she already learned to tie her shoe in that time. She was super excited and so were we. We are SO proud of her each and everyday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Poor Little Rylee-Bug~

On Sunday, February 20th, our sweet little Rylee hurt herself pretty bad and we ended up in the emergency room. It was so sad! (Here is the whole story. You may want to grab some popcorn for this one. It is a bit long, I must say.)
Dax was sleeping and Brett had went over to his parents house to help his dad with an engine. I was making some stuff for Dax's upcoming birthday party and Rylee was in the living room, just across the bar from me, practicing her leg-up back walkover. For her pass she has to do 4, leg-up back walkovers in a row. So she started practicing and did three of them in a row, perfectly! Then she ran out of room, so came back to try again. I was looking up and watching her, and when she threw herself back, she must have second guessed something she had done because she sort of twisted to her right side, which made her land with her weight on her right arm. (Yes the arm she does everything with). I heard a really loud "crunch". Right away I said, "ooh, Rylee, did you pop your finger or something?" And I looked at her and she was holding her wrist. Not crying, just making a whimpering noise. I ran over to look at her wrist because I knew I heard a crunch and when I saw her holding her arm, I immediately had a bad feeling. I cannot even begin to describe how I felt next. I looked at her arm and it looked like a bent rubber snake. All the way up her forearm was "s" shaped. I started to freak out! I started yelling, "oh my heck, you broke your arm." I think I repeated this over and over as I ran through the house. I kept telling her to just stay where she was and not to move. I grabbed my phone and frantically called Brett as I was grabbing Dax from his crib and loading him in the car. Then I came back and loaded Rylee into the car. I got about 3 blocks when Brett called and asked me to wait for him. I did not want to waste any more time and told him to meet us at Barrett's and get in there. When we picked him up, he got in the car and said, "Oh honey I am so sorry, are you okay?" Rylee said, "I broke my arm." Still not crying! She kept saying, "ohhh, ohhh, it hurts like 100." I could barely even speak without crying. Seeing your kids hurt and not being able to take the pain away from them is really hard.
I had called the hospital on our way over because I wanted to get her right in and not worry about admitting and everything. Right when we got there, the doctor walked in. It was Dr. Nay, and he did such an awesome job. Rylee loved him and so did me and Brett. They took two xrays right away and realized it was broke all the way through both the radius and the ulna. The brake was also diagonally rather than straight across. As she was being wheeled from the xray room and back to her room, grandma Judi and papa Rick came walking in. She was really excited to see them there.
Dr. Nay knew as soon as he saw it that he would need to set it back into place. So he had a nurse come in and give Rylee an IV. That was the worse part. I know how bad they hurt from having babies and I will say that out of everything I went through when having two kids, the only thing I dreaded was the IV.
At this point Rylee still had not cried. When they poked her with the needle, she must have still been trying to be so strong because she still didn't really cry, but she said "ouch" with a sad voice and a tear ran from each eye. I felt so bad, I just kept wishing I could take her place. I hate seeing her like this. After that the nurse and doctor got everything ready, which included having the xray tech bring the xray machine to her room and get it ready to take an xray the second Dr. Nay had it set and wrapped. If it did not set right he would have to take this hard half cast back off and start over. They put the medicine in her IV and shortly after she was out. Sound asleep!
At this point Dr. Nay asked me and Brett if we are okay with being in the room while he sets her arm (which consists of him straightening and braking it back into place). Immediately I said I will have to go out. I knew I would not be able to handle it and would have passed out. I stood right outside the door and even through that big wooden door I heard, "crunch-crunch". After he set it, he put on something that is hard like a hard cast but just goes about 3/4 of the way around the arm, leaving a slit so it can expand with the swelling of the arm. Then it is wrapped with an ace compression bandage. Because of where her break was at, he did not want her to be able to bend her fingers or her elbow. The cast goes from the tips of her fingers to her elbow and then she was placed in a sling. The doctor told us that she must always keep her arm at a 90 degree angle and tkae it easy while she has this cast on and especially during the first 2-3 days.
She slowly started to wake up and she was quite funny when she woke up. I asked if she had a good nap and she said, "Yes, I like naps." Then she told us that she had been sleeping for hours, when really it was about 15 minutes. She kept saying how nice her nap was. Then she saw her sling with Charlie Brown and Snoopy on it and said, "Oh thank you, I like this." When papa came in he said, oh wow, Charlie Brown, I like him and Rylee said, I knew you would! It was cute.
We were so thankful that Rick and Judi were both there because while we were both able to sit there and comfort Rylee, they were walking around keeping Dax entertained. It made a huge difference and was so much help. They had her lay around for about 30 minutes after she had woke up and then sent us on our way.
When we got home we made her a nice comfortable spot on the couch and put in a movie of her choice. Soon after we got home there was a knock at the door. It was Cody & Amy Boyce bringing Rylee some treats and a juice. It really made her happy. About an hour later there was another knock at the door. It was Aunt Shanda, and cousins: Teyara, Rylan, Jayde, Jayslin, and Trayton. They had all made her individual cards specially from them and brought a huge bag of candy and a bug juice. She was so excited and happy as we read each card to her. Shortly after, Dylan and Aunt Andrea came to the door with ice cream bars for her. Rylee loves ice cream. A little later grandma Shauna came with a balloon for Rylee and a few little activities to keep her entertained. There was a Mrs. Potato Head and a coloring page. She was really happy. So many people came and I know it made her happy because when Andrea knocked, Rylee said, "I bet it is someone else to make me feel better."
The next day Andrea and Teyara brought over some flowers and balloons from all of them. They were so pretty and it made Rylee really happy. She also got some flowers, balloons, and a little stuffed lamb from Brett and I. The next day grandma Judi brought some treats and then she got a card in the mail from grandma and grandpa Schaugaard which really cheered her up.
Between all the sweet treats, the phone calls, and the texts, everyone has been so sweet and concerned about our little Rylee and we really appreciate it. We have such great friends and family.
The first night was a little rough, especially for me I think. I had her sleep with me and I was so worried about her straightening out her arm that everytime she moved I would jump up to check on her. Each night has gotten better and better.
She constantly realizes how hard it is only having one hand and especially only one left hand, but she actually does very well with her left hand. She wrote her name the very first night and I took a picture of it. It was surprisingly good for being her first try. She also drew a flower and wrote I {heart} U and she did awesome.
We went to her follow up doctor appointment on February 23rd and they first took some xrays to make sure it has stayed where he set it, which it has, so that was great news. She was hoping to get her hard cast today, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Dr. Nay said that it was looking good, but was still very swollen and scheduled us to come and get her permanent hard cast on Monday, February 28th. He did say that her cast will have to go past her elbow, which is really sad, but whatever will help her heal correctly.
So far everything is good and we are counting down to the day she gets her permanent cast and no sling. The hardest part has been baths, changing clothes and Rylee getting so bored and wanting to still jump around and play with her brother. I will update again soon with her new cast once she has it.
We have been so extremely proud of our little Rylee. She has been so brave and so strong through the entire thing. It makes me realize how much of a stronger person I am because of Rylee. We {heart} you little Rylee-bug!
Thanks again to everyone that has been so sweet and so concerned about Rylee, we are so grateful to have such great people in our lives. xoxo.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's

I LOVE Valentine's Day! I am not completely sure what it is about it, but I love it. I love showing extra love to my family, I love helping Rylee make her cute treats for her class, I love seeing red & pink everywhere, I love that I have an excuse to give extra kisses and hugs to my kids and my loving husband...I absolutely {heart} everything about this day!

This year we decided to celebrate it as a family. It was such a nice day Saturday, so we decided to take the kids to the park. There was still some puddles around from the snow melting and of course Dax found every single one of them. I tried my hardest to keep him out of them, but he still left the park with wet shoes, socks and pants. After that we went to have a late lunch/early dinner together. When we got home, Dax, Rylee, and myself all layed down to take a nap. Rylee wanted to nap because she wanted Valentine's to come faster.

When we woke up, grandma Dean and Tom showed up with a valentine treat for both kids. After they left, we decided to give the kids the stuff from us and from grandma Judi & Papa Rick. They were so excited! From grandma Judi & papa Rick they got valentine jammies and some candy. From us, Rylee got a jewelry box, a cute diamond necklace that looks like a key with a heart on it, "I Love You" book, a cute caterpillar stuffed animal that sings, and lots of candy. Dax got a tractor toy, a diesel toy, a big stuffed animal dog and candy. Then we gave them a movie together. They were both really excited and looked so cute in their new jammies.

Today Rylee had her class party at school. She couldn't wait to take her treat bags to class and hand out to each one of her classmates. She looked so cute after we got her ready for school that we decided to go outside and snap a few quick pictures of her. At class, they got to decorate their own miniature cake. She had a fun day!

Like I said before, I LOVE this day! I love my cute little family. I love Rylee & Dax to pieces....more than words could ever say! I love my sweet husband Brett. He is the reason I am who I am today. He is a great daddy to our kids and such a great husband too. We have been together for 14 years and 5 months (as of yesterday). We have been married for 7 years and 5 months (as of yesterday), and I look forward to many more years with my cute family. I am thankful for all the love I have in my life....from my husband, my kids, all of my family, and my friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy {HEART} Day!

I {HEART} Valentine's Day!
I {HEART} my cute little family....and even though I let them know this each and every day, I absolutely LOVE getting to show them even more on Valentine's Day with all the cute little "I Love You" gifts they have out there!

I had an idea to take some pictures with the kids and letters. The kids were not at all into my picture taking that day, but we got a few. I absolutely LOVE the ones I took of them together.

I hope everyone has a Happy {HEART} Day!