Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Joy~2010

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house;
Two creatures were stirring and laughing about.
The stockings were hung on the door with care;
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.
Then we tore open our Christmas Eve gifts with "Ooh's and Aw's";
How exciting, its pajamas and the movie "Santa Paws". 
The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
Watching their new movie with their tired little heads.
Special cookies were made and set out with some milk;
Now Rylee lay in her bed made of cozy soft silk.
For she knew the sooner she went to sleep;
Santa would arrive with some special gifts for her to keep.
The excitement was almost too much for her to bare;
So she asked dad to snuggle and asleep they soon fell as a pair.
Soon we were all snug in our own beds;
Santa visited with a sack full of toys and then he fled.
Now it wouldn't be long before the kids would awake;
With excitement and smiles there would be pictures to take.
Please enjoy our Christmas pictures, they are out of sight;
Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!!!
Rylee woke up around 6:30 am on Christmas morning and came into our room. I didn't even look at the clock, but I know it was still dark, so I told her to climb into our bed and go back to sleep for just a little longer. Soon I noticed it starting to get light and I had tossed and turned a few times. Apparently Rylee was still awake also because she said to me, "Mom, this has been the longest night ever, hasn't it!?" Then we both went back to sleep. Around 8:45 am Brett woke her up and said, "Rylee its Christmas". She was so tired from laying awake for so long that she told him to give her a minute because she was still really tired. She is so cute!
Within about 30 seconds, I think she must have realized what he had said and she woke right up. I came out and plugged in the tree lights and got the camera ready while Brett and Rylee went to get Dax up. Both kids were super excited when they came walking out. There sat matching Big Wheels. A pink one for Rylee and a red one for Dax. They both had to try them out really quick. Well except Dax, he just wanted to keep playing on it. Rylee went right into opening presents, but Dax had to be convinced at first. Once he realized there was fun things inside, he just kept opening them, pausing for a moment to play with each one. Rylee did so good at reading each tag and then showing me so I could confirm who it was to and from.
Rylee had a hard time deciding what she really wanted this year. Everything she thought of was just smaller toys. She asked for a talking Jessie doll from Toy Story 2 and 3 and she also asked for a Rescue Pet mommy dog with puppies in her belly. She got both of those from Santa and also a Zhu-Zhu pet, some Moxie doll's and stuff for her Moxie dolls, coloring books, crayons, hair stuff and headbands, and a whole bunch of candy. Dax got his Big Wheel, trucks, motorcycles, coloring books, and candy.
Some other stuff Rylee got was a spongebob doll and blanket, Baby Alive, newborn baby, big Minnie Mouse stuffed animal, Easy Bake oven, bean bag, Moxie doll head to do her hair and makeup, Aquadoodle, Lalaloopsy, lots of clothes, shoes, overnight bag, movies, littlest pet shop stuff, and lots of art stuff.
Some of the other stuff Dax got was a lot of trucks, diesels, big Tonka dump truck, Tapout shirt and beanie, a few toy guns, woody doll with a blanket (he loves Toy Story), movies, clothes, shoes, remote control car, and a tool box full of his very own tools.
Santa brought Brett and I a flatscreen TV for our bedroom. We were really excited. Brett and I also got lots of clothes, pajamas, bedroom set (for both of us), knife cutlery set for the kitchen (which was desperately needed), some dish towels that grandma Schaugaard makes us every year and I LOVE them so much, a handmade picture frame/shelf that my father-in-law surprised me with that I wanted very badly (I posted a picture of it with the blocks I made-I LOVE the way it all came together) and with his craftiness he pulled it off, and money which is always extremely helpful during this time of year!
Afterwards we had a really nice sized mess to clean up, but it was all worth watching the excitement that these two cute kids had on their faces. I loved every minute of it.
We all had a really great Christmas and we are so thankful to be able to spend it together as a family. We are all so lucky to have each other.
After the clean-up, I made a big breakfast and then we sort of just hung out most the day and played with all the new toys we had got. It was a nice relaxing day that ended with a nice ham dinner and then cuddling in together to watch our new movies.
We hope everyone else had a fun and safe holiday....Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Party #2

On December 19th we had our Christmas party on my side of the family. We had it at my sister Andrea's house and as always there was a lot of people, which makes it fun for th kids. There ended up being about 22 kids there. We had a big lunch with everyone and then while the kids were playing, Santa came walking in. Rylee had told me on the way that if Santa comes to this Christmas party she wanted to make sure she let him know that she wanted the talking Jessie doll from Toy Story 2 and 3 since she had forgot to tell him the time before. When Santa called her name she hopped right on his lap and told him that she wanted the Rescue Pet mommy dog with baby puppies and forgot to tell him about Jessie again. I told her it was a good thing that we have Buddy the Elf watching over her and reporting to Santa each night if she was good or bad that day and letting him know the things she wants for Christmas. She made sure to go right home and let Buddy the Elf know she really really wants a talking Jessie doll.
Now Dax was a different story. He is already a bit shy and nervous at my family get togethers because there is always so many people running around and being loud that he wants to be held by either me or Brett the entire time and will not let anyone else take him. So when Santa called his name and I took him up there, he screamed so loud. He was terrified. I tried moving him from one hip to the other so we could attempt to at least get a picture or see if he would take his present from Santa, but he clung onto me like a little monkey with suction cup hands and feet, while screaming at the same time. We did get one picture, but you cannot see Dax's face and my head is cut off. It was about all anyone could get in the dramatic moment. Poor little thing.
Both my kids looked so cute for both the Christmas parties this year. I just love these kids so much and think they are the cutest little things ever.
I love getting together for the holidays and having these family parties. Family, friends, food, fun, and doesn't get much better than that.

Our First Snowman!

We finally got a big enough snow storm to build a great snowman. This year has seemed so strange. We have had small snow storms here and there, but it seems like the snow melted so fast or it was light and powdery and didn't roll into a ball well. At last, we got a hige snow storm with about 14 plus inches of snow and it was good snowman building snow too. Rylee went out and rolled a huge ball in no time. Dax and Brett went out to join her in the snow fun while I stayed inside the warm house baking. Rylee and Dax worked together to build there first snowman all by themselves. It turned out perfect! Rylee has always LOVED the snow and Dax seems to be the same. They all had fun util Brett decided to give Rylee a little mini white wash and she was not happy. She came in the house crying and I told her to just stay inside with mommy, but I guess it must not have been too bad because she was back outside trying to get Brett back within minutes.

Christmas Party #1

This year the kids were lucky enough to see Santa twice and both times were during a personal visit to our family Christmas parties. Of course, I would have to admit that poor Dax was probably not so thrilled about either one. He is terrified of Santa this year. Poor kid! He actually did a little better at the first family party than the second, but I think it was because he was already shy and nervous at the second one because there was a ton of people at that one.
Our first family party was with Brett's side of the family. Brett wasn't able to make it because we had it at 5 pm and he wasn't able to get off work early enough. I took the kids and went to his grandma's house. There was grandma Dean, Tom, Uncle Jeff, Judi, Josh, Michelle, Mercedes, Gage, Rylee, Dax and myself. We were all just hanging out and enjoying the kids when in walked Santa with a loud, "ho ho ho". Dax got scared instantly and wanted to come right back to me. I was hoping he would sit with grandma since I was in charge of getting some pictures, but it didn't happen. Good thing I can multi-task!
When Rylee heard Santa come in, she said she thought it was Uncle Jeff just messing around and pretending to be Santa when she just heard "ho ho ho-Merry Christmas", but then she realized that Uncle Jeff was right there with us. Her jaw dropped and then she got the biggest smile ever. She got right up there and told Santa that she wanted a toy mommy dog with babies inside her belly. They are called Rescue Pets and the mommy is pregnant with puppies and you end up with with a surprise of two or three puppies inside.
Tom thought all along she had asked for a real puppy and was trying to convince Grandma Dean that they should get her a puppy. Thank goodness they cleared it up with me before buying her a real puppy.
Afterward all the kids played with their presents and had a great time together. Michelle and Josh came to see our new house after the party and hung out while Rylee and Mercedes played.
It is always so much fun getting togetherfamily during this time of year!