Thursday, July 7, 2011

~Let Freedom Ring~

I love the 4th of July and I love that there is so much going on in celebration of the 4th of July in our small hometown. There is always a street dance with live bands going on the night before and a rodeo, but we always go to the rodeo on the 4th of July so we can watch the best firework show around that follows the rodeo that night. On the 3rd of July we always take the kids to the Aurora park where they have all the bounce houses and bounce slides set up and Rylee performs her cute mini cheer dance. After the fun, we stay to watch the fireworks at the Aurora park with grandma and papa Schaugaard. Everyone came to watch Rylee perform, there was grandma Dean and Tom, grandma and papa Schaugaard, and grandma Shauna.She did such a good job and looked so cute out there.
On the 4th of July, we start the day off by taking the kids to all the fun little games, races, and lots of treats. I took the kids on the fire engine ride and Dax was so scared when I climbed on there with him. Brett didn't come with and since he is such a daddy's boy and was afraid he was reaching out for Brett crying. He cried for the first few blocks, then he was fine and had fun. Although he wasn't loving it when the siren would turn on. Then we can't forget to watch the grease poll; where teams get together and climb a wooden poll covered in crisco. Of course it has an incentive, the poll is also covered in money, and the higher you can get, the more money you will get. It is crazy watching them climb on top of each others heads and shoulders to get to the top. After the games, we went and had lunch and then got ready for the parade. Rylee got to ride in the parade this year with the mini cheer group. She has fun doing that kind of stuff and gets so excited. Dax loved the parade and chasing after candy. I had to get out there and get candy for Rylee, which I don't mind since I am like a kid still when it comes to all this fun holiday stuff. After the prade we went home and got changed into warmer clothes and loaded up our stuff for the rodeo. The best part about the rodeo is always the bull rides, those have always been our favorite. But the reason we really love to come is for the best firework show around. I love the music they play that sets the mood for this whole celebration and what its all about, along with some extremely awesome fireworks. And there is nothing better than watching them from the hill and having them literally explode right above you.
I just love this holiday. It seems like everyone that has moved away comes back during this holiday, so its nice to see old faces around.


  1. Omg! I was just getting on my blog for a min and dropped over to see yours. I cant believe how big the kids have gotten.. Dax was so small here.. xoxo Jess!

  2. Rylee was small too but her face doesnt change much.. She has always looked older.. Dax has such a baby face.